The straight answer is normally no – not without permission. Many Council owned parks have rules restricting the use of drones within their area – to primarily protect park users for both privacy and safety reasons. The rules are also similar for those who want to fly model aircraft or helicopters.

However most Councils will also state that professional / commercial drone operators can contact them to gain permission – and in some cases they will give permission provided that certain criteria are fulfilled.

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What criteria do commercial drone operators need to fulfill in order to get Council permissions?

Most Councils will expect the operator to contact the relevant department that deals with permissions of this sort – quite often this is the Parks Team. They will need the following information:

> Time and date of expected flight. This should be at quiet times of the day – not when there are crowds, sports events or a high number of school children expected within the park.
> Reason for the drone mission
> The drone operators Commercial Drone Insurance
> The drone operators Commercial Drone Licence (PfCO)
> Risk assessment paperwork

If the commercial drone operator can provide this they may be granted the permissions required. If so the operator will be able to undertake the mission provided that they also adhere to the CAA Dronecode.

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