Using a drone for thermal imaging – a study of hot and cold

Thermal Drone Image of Conservatory Roof

One of the most common uses for a thermal imaging drone is in roof surveys – to detect leaks and areas of damp. The FLIR sensor on the drone is used to pick up anomalies – these appear as different colours on the infrared spectrum. This runs from the hottest, red, through the spectrum to […]

Are you allowed to use a drone in a public park?

The straight answer is normally no – not without permission. Many Council owned parks have rules restricting the use of drones within their area – to primarily protect park users for both privacy and safety reasons. The rules are also similar for those who want to fly model aircraft or helicopters. However most Councils will […]

Case Study – Filming Horsham Park

Land Estate Aerial Photography

Case study – Man with a Drone in Horsham Park The Friends of Horsham Park contacted Man with a Drone with regard to preparing a promotional video for the Park. After gaining permissions from Horsham District Council parks department – a process that took just under a week – I was able to fly and […]