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Drone photography for estate agents

Why should Estate Agents use a drone?

> Precise drone positioning enables accurate results
> Top quality images and videos
> Improves the chances of selling the property as the client has more first hand information
> Man with a Drone offers a fast, efficient, short notice service
> Above all, Man with a Drone is very competitively priced.

Using a drone helps the capture of the exact photo that will help you sell that property quickly – the “money shot”. Add a video and you get an all round view of the property.

Man with a Drone will initially conduct a pre-site safety inspection to ensure that safety, privacy and drone regulations are being adhered to – and on site will verify this before operations can begin.

The drone is then positioned in the right spot to capture the exact shot required by you the Agent. The UAV is controlled from the ground by the remote pilot, and held in place by GPS.

Agents can attend site at the same time and watch or direct the process, and select the images as they are captured. Man with a Drone offers a fast, efficient, short notice service.


How good are drone images and videos?

High quality images and videos will show off the property for sale to its best advantage, making it easier to sell the property. Still images are normally 12 – 20 megapixel (dependent on the drone used) and videos can be HD (1080P) or 4K (Ultra High Definition).

Videos can have the Estate Agent’s branding – and professional fades are added between clips. An embedded link can be provided for adding the video to platforms such as RightMove – and music, if desired can also be added.

Differences between HD and 4K

4K UHD (ultra high definition) has a considerably higher resolution rate than HD (1080p HD). 4K resolution is exactly 3840 x 2160 pixels whilst 1080p is 1920 x 1080 pixels. Consequently videos shot at 4K will be sharper than those shot in 1080p HD – but the consumer will need better PC equipment to be able to play 4K UHD.

Why use Man with a Drone?

As technology improves, drones are becoming more widely available and as such the consumer will be faced with a wide range of options, services and prices. It is important to hire a commercially trained remote drone pilot, like Man with a Drone, who will have a commercial licence, insurance and the skill to provide the best quality results whilst maintaining the appropriate safety rules (including the CAA Dronecode).

At Man with a Drone we always pitch our price at the lower end of the pricing in order to be competitive. Although we are based in West Sussex we are happy to travel anywhere – East Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire, the London area – in fact anywhere in the UK.

What is the process?

Contact Man with a Drone on 07875 956290 – we will arrange a time to visit the property and complete the work, subject to any safety requirements and permissions. Images are normally sent to the Estate Agent on the same day – with videos sent a couple of days later once they are completed (as these take a little longer).

All for the most competitive pricing in the drone market!

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