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Residential property photographs

Previously aerial shots were created with a mixture of pot luck, quite often leaning out of a window of a light aircraft. With the Phantom 4 Man with a Drone will position the UAV in exactly the right spot near the property to capture the exact shot required by you the customer. The UAV is controlled from the ground by the remote pilot, and held in place by GPS.

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Estate Agents

Capture the exact photo that helps you sell that property quickly. Watch the process and select the images as we capture them. Fast, efficient, short notice service.

Property Management

Leaks in your rental properties? Why use expensive scaffolding when for a fraction of the price you can get high resolution pictures by return.

Property filming

Film the property from the air in full Ultra HD 4K or 1080p 60fps video dependent on requirements. See your property like no one has before. Fully edited video with customer branding if required.

Building & roof surveys

Why spend money on expensive cherry pickers, scaffolding or indeed risk life and limb on long ladders? Let Man with a Drone do the work from the ground in safety. From the smallest leak or loose roof tile to the largest roof survey the Phantom 4 will record high resolution still pictures or Ultra HD 4K video by getting up close and personal – at a fraction of the cost of scaffolding or cherry picker hire. With very quick results too. Competitive, short notice service.

Group photos & corporate shots

Schools, companies – how do you get everyone into a single shot? The answer – with precision aerial photos from Man with a Drone. *Please note that there a bespoke rules relating to distance that the UAV can fly from groups containing more than 1000 persons.

Sports clubs

Ever wanted that perfect shot to hang in your reception? Create your own with Man with a Drone.

Companies – hire us

Why pay for a permanent employee to qualify as a Drone Pilot when you can hire Man with a Drone on an adhoc or per job basis – remember we are qualifed and insured.

Other UAV companies

Need an extra crewman? Hire Man with a Drone. Please contact us.

ANYTHING ELSE? Please come to us with your ideas!

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