Solar Panel Surveys

Man with a Drone’s Mavic 3 Enterprise Thermal and Parrot Anafi Thermal drones can be used to inspect solar panels, both household and industrial, quickly and easily by detecting any heat leaks within the panels.

With worldwide efforts to embrace renewable sources of energy underway, installation of solar panels has increased dramatically among organisations and households alike. A single defective cell can compromise the entire system. Manual inspection is a time-consuming process requiring workers to potentially climb high-rise platforms and expensive scaffolding – and in certain circumstances there is a need to halt power production to follow proper safety procedures.

Householders and solar panel farms alike can take advantage of this quick and easy service – Man with a Drone offers a simple service that thermally detects which cells are faulty. Defective cells mean that the solar panel is not performing in the right way – therefore not producing the power that the householder needs – meaning less hot water, less power to the house, less power output from the solar panel farm. Once identified a specialist professional can rectify the issue and return the panel to full working order.

With a boot up time of just a few seconds, Man with a Drone’s Parrot Anafi Thermal drone uses it’s integrated FLIR Lepton Thermal sensor and a powerful zoom to detect centimetric hot spots and possible anomalies on the solar panel – even from an altitude of up to 40 m. In large solar panel installations up to 5 solar panel rows at a time can be surveyed – without the need to shut down the main photovoltaic plant.

Householders and solar panel installations alike – call Man with a Drone on 07875 956290 for further details.

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