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The drone

Man with a Drone uses the DJI Phantom 4 UAV – a highly complex drone capable of creating stunning aerial images, both still and video.

Our Phantom 4 is maintained to the highest standard, and is transported in a hard shell back pack – enabling access to the most difficult take off and landing sites.

The remote controlled gimbal system delivers fluid shots in the most difficult of conditions, and films in Ultra HD 4K video and 12 megapixel crystal clear still shots. We can also film in other speeds – 1080P 60fps is compatible with most standard PCs and delivers very balanced, crystal clear video without the need of compression tools.

When flying, the Phantom 4 is held in place via GPS triangulation from up to 21 satellites, and is controlled by the remote pilot on the ground via a controller and tablet which allows pilot and customer alike to view FPV (first person view) live HD images, and therefore create the instant perfect result.


The UAV has a number of safety features which, in the event of a rare technical difficulty enables the Phantom to return to it’s landing pad, either at the touch of the button or automatically.

Each intelligent battery has between 22 – 28 minutes flying time, and Man with a Drone carries mulitple batteries in order to complete maximum flying time on the assignment. The phantom can even sense when it is about to run out of power, and will come home automatically.

Intelligent battery

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