One of the most common uses for a thermal imaging drone is in roof surveys – to detect leaks and areas of damp. The FLIR sensor on the drone is used to pick up anomalies – these appear as different colours on the infrared spectrum. This runs from the hottest, red, through the spectrum to blue, the coolest. Damp areas and hidden water masses show up as a heat signature (sometimes even red) as they cool slower than the dry areas around them. The infrared spectrum allows the human eye to interpret the areas and pinpoint the damp or areas of water ingress.

Man with a Drone uses the Parrot ANAFI Thermal – this is equipped with a FLIR Lepton 3.5 thermal imaging camera –usefully we can superimpose standard images over thermal stills to enable the roof professional to identify the areas that they need to aim for.

Parrot Anafi Thermal Drone

What other uses can a thermal drone be used for?

As well as the damp, thermal drones can also pick out areas of heat loss. This enables the householder or business to address where expensive heat is going – ultimately saving on the fuel bills.

Drones can also be used to measure the how insulation is working and where it needs to be improved. An ideal illustration of this is the conservatory below. The first picture shows the fully heated conservatory from the air – note the full colour of red. Also note that lack of colour around the conservatory – the green / blue colours of the cold roof and paving stones. The older double glazing is showing some yellow heat loss signatures.

Thermal Drone Image of Conservatory Roof

The second picture shows the conservatory from the front – note here the freezing cold lower wall – whilst the heat is retained within the conservatory. The only areas of heat loss are around a couple the windows – showing what a good job the installer, Cousins Conservatories (Horsham) did.

Thermal Image from Drone - Side View of Conservatory

Other applications for thermal drones can be to monitor faulty cells in solar panels – a different heat signature showing up again for damaged or faulty cells – and of course for location of missing persons / livestock.

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